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Privacy Policy

This Processing Policy/Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) provides information about the collection, storage, processing and use of your personal data.
The company called ”MIC. STAMOU SA – LUXURY CARS FOR RENT ” based in Athens Attica, Syngrou Ave. 1, tel.2109226666 and AFM 094043976, email, acting as the Editor, collects, stores, uses and generally processes your personal data.

1. What is personal data?

The term “personal data” refers to the information of individuals, such as full name, postal address, email address, telephone number, etc., which identify or may identify your identity, hereinafter “Personal Data or Data”.

2. What is Personal Data Processing?

Any operation or series of operations performed with or without the use of automated means, in Personal Data or in personal data sets, such as the collection, registration, organization, structure, storage, adjustment or modification, recovery, search for information, use, disclosure, dissemination or any other form of distribution, association or combination, restriction, deletion or destruction.

3. Which Data Do We Collect?

We only collect Data that is strictly necessary to serve the purpose for which it was provided and is used solely for the purpose for which it was collected. Except for any Data collected from Cookies, the Data is limited to what you have provided expressly and for a specific purpose and if you have given your consent. We also collect Data when you visit our site and if you have consented to it, consent is presumed by filling in the relevant fields.
Identity data, such as name, surname, father name, date of birth, driving license, VAT, ID
Product communication / shipping data such as postal address, email address, telephone number.
Payment details, such as credit / debit card number, PayPal, bank account number.
Identification, such as username, IP address

4. How Do We Use Your Data?

The processing of your Data is carried out either by specially authorized personnel of our Company, or by computer and electronic equipment systems from our Company and exceptionally by third parties who – having contractually committed to our Company to respect confidentiality and protect your Data – process it solely for the purposes for which we have provided it.
In general, your Data is processed in order to provide you with the following services:
Bid: The Company processes your Data for the bidding for short- or long-term car hire.
Car Hire: The Company processes your Data in order to fulfill its contractual relationship with you, such as car hire, to provide customer service (such as maintenance, body repair, repair, vehicle replacement, etc.), to comply with legal obligations, to refuse, to raise or bring legal requirements.
Car Purchase: The Company processes your Data to complete the used car purchase agreement.
Compliance with Applicable Laws: The Company processes your Data in order to be able to comply with its legal obligations, including compliance with Tax and Insurance Law or vehicle insurance resulting from an active insurance contract.
Creating a User Account: The Company processes your Data to provide you with account features and to facilitate the conclusion of a lease or purchase of products and / or services.
Send a newsletter: The Company provides you with the opportunity to choose, if you wish, to be informed at your email address about the Company’s promotional / advertising activities (e.g. for new products and / or services available on the market, any offers, operation of our new car rental stations, tourist offices, etc.).
Website Information Services: The Company provides information services to its clients
Benefits Programs for Clients: Through these programs, the Company offers several benefits to its clients, such as, for example, priority of service at rental stations, more advantageous positions in the Company’s parking spaces, discount coupons, offers etc.
Communication: The Company uses your Data to respond to the requests / queries that you make through the Contact Center and contact forms.
Finding a Job: The Company processes your Data to evaluate your qualifications and abilities for the position you are applying for or for another position within the Company, as well as for communicating with you for this purpose.
Participate in online promotions / contests: The Company processes Data that you complete to participate in a Contest, if you agree, to submit contests, notify you if you are a Contest Winner and deliver your prize.
Participating in Online Market Surveys / Questionnaires: The Company processes Data you complete for your participation in online surveys, for example demographics (age, income, etc.). You can enter all the information or anything at your own discretion. The results of the surveys will only be used to improve the features of our site, to evaluate you and subsequently to improve the services provided to you and for no other purpose.

5. For what purpose do we process your Data?

We collect your Data for the purposes of the products and / or services provided for:
a) the evaluation of your bid on the one hand and the conclusion of the lease on the other.
b) managing the rental car of your choice, e.g. communicating and updating your availability, contract performance, maintenance, refurbishing, repair, replacement, vehicle pick-up etc., sending necessary documents for any products you purchased or services you provided, management of your debts to the Company, making repayments.
c) compliance with the obligations imposed by applicable law e.g. labor tax and insurance legislation.
d) checking, improving and adapting to your preferences and choices regarding our products and / or services,
e) sending, via email, information about the Company’s products and / or services,
f) customer satisfaction research, promotion of our products and / or services, sending newsletters of our products and / or services,
g) the evaluation of applications and resumes for the purpose of recruitment to our Company,
h) communication between us in the event of a competition.

6. What is the legal basis for your data processing by the Company?

Your Data is processed in accordance with:
1. the terms of our contractual relationship,
2. Your consent, where appropriate,
3. The Company’s obligations arising from the Law (e.g. tax, labor, insurance laws, etc.);
4. the legitimate interest of our Company.

7. Who Are Your Data Recipients?

MIC. STAMOU SA guarantees that it will not transmit, notify, concede etc. your Data to third parties (other than those mentioned herein) for any purpose or use unless this is required by applicable law or required by public / judicial bodies / authorities.
Access to your Data is strictly required by the Company’s staff, who are committed to confidentiality, and our affiliates, who process your Data as Joint Processors or as Executors on our behalf and in accordance with our orders.

Indicatively, your Data recipients are:
1) The company that issues the payroll of our employees.
2) The insurance companies that work with our company.
3) Our affiliates and users of our brands and systems.
4) The cooperating tourist agencies regarding car hire.
5) The companies that work with our Company to provide repair, refurbishing, maintenance of vehicles leased to our customers.
6) Chartered Accountants Companies that audit the financial statements of our Company.
7) Partner companies to provide roadside assistance to drivers using our Company vehicles.
8) Companies that also manage the global car booking system located in or outside Europe), with whom we will share information related to our car rental activities, which may include personal booking information registered through this application. Your Data will not be used for any other purpose without your prior information and consent.

8. How do we ensure that Executors & Sub-Executors of Processing respect your Data?

The executors of the processing on our behalf have agreed and are contractually bound by the Company to:
• keep confidentiality,
• not send your Data to third parties without the Company’s permission;
• take appropriate security measures,
• comply with the legal framework for the protection of personal data and Regulation 679/2016 / EU (otherwise GDPR).
Executives may, in the performance of their duties, employ other persons called Executors. In this case, the controller should have been authorized to handle all or partial processing of the Data. The consequence is that the subordinate has the same obligations and rights with the Executor as set forth in this Policy, and always within the scope of its assigned responsibilities.

9. When do we delete your Data?

We only retain your Data for as long as it is required to fulfill the purpose for which you have disclosed your data to us and in accordance with the applicable laws. Your statement of consent to send a newsletter is kept for as long as the Company has sent you a newsletter, unless you choose to terminate the newsletter. We keep your CVs by email for work at the Company for two (2) years, unless you tell us that you wish to keep them for a shorter period of time (the lowest time limit you can choose is six months from their submission ) or for their deletion The personal data you provide for your participation in the Customer Benefit Programs is deleted when the duration of the program expires or you are excluded from the program, or you wish to terminate it either to participate in the program, as described in terms of use of the program. The data processed during your participation in competitions and / or market surveys will be maintained for as long as is necessary for the completion of the competition or survey and subsequently deleted.

10. Is Your Data Safe?

MIC. STAMOU SA is committed to safeguarding your Data. Recognizing the importance of securing your Personal Data, we have taken all appropriate organizational and technical measures that are constantly improved based on technological advancements with the sole purpose of securing and protecting your Data from any form of accidental or unintentional processing. In addition, the information used to identify you if you are an account user is two: your email address and your Personal Password. Each time you enter your details, you are given access to your personal account. This process is securely accomplished through encryption during their transfer to the Internet and the servers of the Company. By the same standards, you can change your Password as often as you wish. Upon registration of the desired code, the new code is coded and stored in the Company’s systems. For this reason, you are the only one who knows your password and you are solely responsible for keeping the password confidential to third parties. These measures shall be reviewed and amended where necessary.

11. What are your rights?

You have access to your Personal Data. This means that you have the right to ask us if we are processing your Data. If we process your Data, you can request to know the purpose of the processing, the kind of Data we hold, who we give it to, how long we store it, if we make automated decisions, but also about your other rights, such as correction, deletion of data, limitation of processing and reporting to the Data Protection Authority. You have the right to correct inaccurate personal data. If you find that your Data is incorrect you can request us to correct it (e.g. name correction or address change update). You have the right to delete / forget about. You may ask us to delete your Data if it is no longer necessary for the above-mentioned processing purposes or you wish to revoke your consent if this is the only legal basis. You have the right to portability of your Data. You can ask us to download the Data you provided or read it to another controller. You have the right to limit editing. You can ask us to limit the processing of your Data for as long as your processing of objections is pending. You have the right to object and withdraw consent in the processing of your Data. You may object to the processing of your Data, and we will stop processing your Data unless there are other compelling and legitimate reasons that prevail over your right. If you have indicated your consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data, you may revoke your consent at any time with future effect.

12. How can you exercise your rights?

In order to exercise your rights you can request us by submitting the completed applications which you can find here: the template for Requesting Access / Correction / Deletion / Portability / Restriction / Objection / Withdrawal of Consent, at the Company’s mailing address ( 1 Syngrou Ave. – Athens Attica, or its e-mail address ( entitled “Exercising the Right” and we will look into it and reply to you as soon as possible.

13. When Do We Answer Your Requests?

We will respond to your Inquiries free of charge without delay, and in any case within one (1) month after we receive your request. However, if your Request is complex or there is a large number of your Requests, we will let you know within the month if we need to receive an extension of another (2) two months within which to respond. If your Claims are manifestly unfounded or excessive in particular because of their recurring nature, the Company may charge a reasonable fee, considering administrative costs for providing the information or performing the requested action or refusing to respond to the Request.

14. Where can you turn for the development of your Requests?

You can call 2109222442 or email for information on how to make your request.

15. Do we use automated decision making / including profiling when editing your Data?

We do not make any decisions, nor do we create automated profiles based on an automated process of processing your Data, except for the use of cookies on our site.

16. What is the law applicable to the processing of your Data by us?

The applicable law is Greek law, as formulated in accordance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data 2016/679 / EU, and generally the applicable national and European laws and regulations on the protection of personal data. The competent courts for any disputes related to your Data are the competent Courts of Athens. Exceptionally, if any dispute that arises falls within the jurisdiction of the Magistrate, then they may bring their dispute before either the Athens Court of Justice or the Chalandri Court of Justice.

17. Where can you appeal if we violate applicable law to protect your Personal Data?

You have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Authority (Kifissias Post Office 1-3, 115 23, Athens, tel. 210 6475600, e-mail ), if you consider that the editing of your Personal Data violates applicable national and regulatory law on the protection of personal data.

18. How will you be informed of any amendments to this Policy?

We update this Policy whenever necessary. If there are significant changes to the Policy or the way we use your Personal Data, we will post this update on our site, and we will notify you in any appropriate manner. We encourage you to read this Policy from time to time to know how your Data is protected. The Privacy Policy was updated on 24/05/2018.