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Our News


In the context of the renewal of the MICH. STAMOU SA fleet and with new types of luxury cars, a presentation will be made to our partners, which will take place at the company building. Luxury is synonymous with luxury cars for rent, which has the largest fleet of luxury cars for rent in Greece. As being on top creates a great responsibility, we are not stagnant, but we are constantly evolving, renewing our fleet at regular intervals.

MICH. STAMOU SA possesses luxury cars for several purposes, trying to achieve personalization for each customer separately. In our company you can rent luxury cars to take you from the airport and from the port to enjoy a blissful ride on your wedding day or to transfer a group of people with comfort and luxury to a remote conference. The plethora of our services requires that our models be the newest brand of any brand, but also adhere to every safety rule. Besides, for us, luxury without comfort and safety is not meant, and that is exactly what we will explain in detail to the presentation to our partners, revealing the new types of luxury cars that you will soon have the opportunity to rent through our services.