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Terms of Rent


The “leaseholder” states that he is 25 years old.


The “leaseholder” must have a driving license valid in Greece and valid for at least 12 months. Citizens whose license is not valid in Greece require an international driving license.


For all vehicle categories the “leaseholder” must have a valid credit card. For the validity of this agreement, the rental company seeks approval from the “leaseholder” card for a commitment of up to 3,000 euros. The exact amount for which the rental company seeks approval is listed on the front page here and is the leaseholder’s “liability” – guarantee amount, in the event of a car theft or damage. This amount will be refunded to the leaseholder after the termination of the lease, if it is found that the reason for the lease is missing. The rental company shall not be liable for any burden incurred by the “leaseholder” on bank fees, expenses and any costs incurred in connection with this process.


It’s one day (24 hours). If the car delays more than three hours of the agreed duration, the “leaseholder” will be charged an extra full day. If the lease expires before its agreed term, e.g. If the leaseholder leaves early, he will be charged 100% of the remaining period.


The daily rent is agreed on the amount indicated on the front page of the contract and will be paid in advance by signing this contract.


The leaseholder received the car, which was tested and found to be of the absolute best, in full condition, fully fueled and suitable for the use and purpose for which it was leased. The leaseholder is obliged to return to the rental company the car and all the forms, tools and accessories accompanying it, in the condition of receipt, full fuel and at the place and time specified herein. If this is not the case, and after the agreed return period has elapsed, the leaseholder will be obliged to pay the rental company the normal use charge as well as any positive and consequential damage. The leaseholder reserves the right to regain possession and use of the car at any time without notice and without the tenant’s consent, but at its own expense, by any means whatsoever, in any event that in its discretion there is a risk of damage or car loss and the risk of non-collection of the usage allowance and any other indemnity due. The rental company has the right except in the above case to regain possession and use of the car if and when it was used or used in breach of the terms of this agreement or the predetermined lease term.


The cost of the lease includes the following insurance coverage: a. for the death or personal injury of a third party other than the driver of the car b. for material damage to third parties, excluding the leased car, up to the amount specified in the insurance policy, provided that they have not breached any of the terms herein. Third party insurance is provided only to those persons who, with its license, use the car, under an insurance policy, the terms of which both the leaseholder and any additional drivers state by signature herein that they have become aware. Luggage and any other belongings of the “leaseholder”, the authorized driver, and any passengers of the leased vehicle are not covered by insurance and the rental company is not liable for any loss, damage, theft or subsequent theft of the car to the lessor. The leaseholder is solely responsible for any damage not covered by the vehicle’s insurance policy.


The leaseholder is obliged to indemnify the lessor as well as any third party in the event of theft, loss or damage of the car or third parties (including its passengers) and to pay any positive or consequential damage suffered by the rental company. In particular, the leaseholder is responsible for: a. for damage caused to the car or to third parties, if it has violated the terms of use of the car or driven it unlawfully or contrary to what is provided by the Road Traffic Code. b. for the total theft or loss of the car up to the amount of liability – guarantee stated on the front page herein. It is expressly agreed that the theft or loss of parts and / or equipment (partial theft) of the car is not covered. c. for any damage to the car as a result of a collision or fire, regardless of the liability up to the amount of liability – guarantee. Damages caused are not covered: 1. At the bottom of the car. 2. On the tires and wheels of the car 3. On all glass parts. 4. Inside the car. 5. During loading, unloading or transporting the car on ships or trains or other means of transport without the prior written consent of the rental company.


The leaseholder shall pay in addition to the agreed rent the following amounts: a) the daily fixed usage allowance for the whole duration of the lease, b) “Fuel Service Charging”, if at the end of the lease it does not deliver the car to the rental company with the same amount of fuel as it had at its receipt, (c) taxes, fees and other expenses relating to the rental of the car, d) rental company’s expenses, including attorney’s fees and default interest payment of any amounts that lease or recovery of possession and use of the car by the rental company, e) penalties, fines, costs and expenses imposed or any will be imposed on the rental company for violations during car use by the leaseholder. In the latter case, the lessee or the additional driver mentioned on the front hereunder shall continue to be liable for any unlawful acts; fixed at the front of this hereunder without the lessor’s written consent; g) VAT and city tax as applicable at the time of signature hereof. The leaseholder agrees and accepts that: 1.] Discounts that may be provided shall not apply unless the bill is paid in due time. 2.] All charges are subject to final control.


The leaseholder is required to use the car diligently, maintain it in good condition, check its mechanical condition, oil and water levels, tires, etc. Any repair of the car by the leaseholder or other third party is prohibited without the prior approval of the rental company. The car is prohibited from leaving Greece and being loaded on a train or ship or other means of transportation without the prior written consent of the rental company. The car is prohibited from being used: a.] To carry persons or things for a fee. b.] to tow or pull cars or other objects c.] to participate in or pursue speed races d.] for subleasing to third parties e.] for purposes contrary to Greek Law f.] if the leaseholder or the additional driver. The car is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance that affects the driver’s ability and senses. g.] in breach of customs, traffic or other regulations. h.] by any third party other than the leaseholder and any additional drivers for whom the lessee has accepted the daily charge for additional drivers; i.] To carry or move heavy luggage, flammable materials, dirty or smelly objects.


If the leaseholder wishes to extend the lease of the car, he must notify the rental company in writing, at least 24 hours prior to the expiration of the lease in order to obtain the relevant written approval. If it fails to do so, it assumes civil and criminal liability for unlawful use and possession of the car and is liable to pay a penalty equal to three times the daily rent. In the event of an extension of the lease, the leaseholder is bound by the terms and conditions of both the original agreement and the lease extension agreement, be it the same car or another that was replaced.


The leaseholder expressly agrees that the rental company is not liable for any positive or consequential damage suffered by the leaseholder or third parties during the lease and no claim may be brought against the rental company for the above reason.


In the event of an accident or other incident (fire, theft, etc.), the leaseholder or the additional driver shall immediately be obliged: a.] Not to acknowledge any fault or guilt and third-party claims in any way, directly or indirectly. b.] note the names, telephone numbers and addresses of the eyewitnesses, the driver and the details of the car that may have struck the Car. c.] notify the police and care (see relevant insurance policy form) to identify the third party’s fault and care for any existing injuries. d.] park the car in a safe location and communicate immediately by telephone or any other means (fax, etc.) with the rental company. e.] to collect any relevant information from any third party. f.] photograph the scene of the accident and the cars involved in the accident if possible. It shall also be required, within twenty-four (24) hours, to complete and sign an accident / theft statement at the leaseholder’s nearest branch and to send any accident-related documents or information to the rental company. In the event of theft or loss of the car, he shall be obliged to report the incident to the nearest police authority in writing immediately or at the latest within twenty-four (24) hours.


a) During the lease all additional drivers are jointly and severally liable with the leaseholder b) in the event that a representative signs this lease on behalf of the leaseholder, he or she shall be jointly and severally liable with the representative c) this Agreement takes precedence over any other prior written or oral agreement between the parties d) Any modification of the terms herein is void unless agreed in writing e) The rental company has the right to substitute the original car is leased with another of a similar type and same type, and the leaseholder agrees and accepts that all of the above terms apply in the case of the original contract with the rental company and in the event of an extension of the duration of the lease and / or replacement of the originally leased car. (g) in the event of a dispute between the copies and the original of this Agreement, the original shall be in the possession of the rental company (h) the Parties recognize and accept all terms of this Agreement as material and essential for the purposes of this Agreement (i) the leaseholder expressly declares that it waives its right to breach, cancel, and generally infringe this Agreement for any reason, substantive or formal, and for the reasons set forth in Articles 178,179, 388 of the Civil Code and any action or objection thereto against the validity of this Convention.


This Agreement is governed by Greek law and any dispute arising between the parties shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens, whatever the leaseholder’s domicile.